Father's Day Sale EXTENDED!

I know this is early, but I'm heading out of town tomorrow, to a land where cell phone signal and wifi are very "optional" commodities. So I'm posting our weekly sale memo a few days early this week so you don't feel lonely, forgotten, and neglected come Friday. As a benefit to you, you'll be able to use this sale code ALL WEEK, and it will be valid all the way until late Sunday, the 19th.

PLUS, posting this now, may allow some of you last minute shoppers that happen to also be located in the great American southeast time to snag a father's day present and get it delivered in the knick of time later this week.

No need to fear for the safety & well being of your newly purchased heirloom's as our trusty storm manager Joe & the gang will be in store all week in my absence handling all of our orders with our usually speediness (the truth is they do most of the work all the time anyway... so you won't really be missing out on anything). Messages & offers to yours truly will still be responded to, responses may just take a bit longer based on my current cellular availability at that time.

This weeks sale % will be 20% and the code will simply be "DAD", just enter that code in the comments section of the eBay "make an offer" option, along with an offer that is 20% lower than our current ask..... and we'll accept! It's that simple! 

Don't believe me? Take it from one anonymous fan who says, "it really was simple!"

Thanks anonymous fan! Always glad to hear from another satisfied customer.

Until next week,