Father's Day SALE!

"Who's ready to save some $ on something they were going to buy anyway? Well you're in luck friendo" -Every Awful Used Car Commercial You've Ever Seen.

For real though, the discount codes we've been offering you guys, the "ACC Insiders", have been working incredibly well. 

You guys save a bunch of $, we both save time on negotiating, and we're able to move some stuff out that's been sitting ... FOREVER!

We literally sold something with last week's sale that we've had for sale since 2012. We were barely even in business in 2012, so that was kind of impressive.

Anyway, because they've worked so good, we're going to keep doing them!

So... this weekend's code will be "ImBACK", and that will be good for an additional 15% off the lowest published price. Just enter that code into the comments section of any eBay offer screen along with your offer that's 15% lower than our current ask, and we'll be happy to accept. That code will be good until super late Sunday night / Monday AM.

That's good for ANYTHING in store. Records, original art, toys, comics, ALL OF IT!

I'm almost certain *(Giant asterisk required due to incredibly awful the post office can be when they want to be) that if you buy anything this weekend, we'll be able to get it to you before next Sunday. Possible exception would be our beloved international customers, lovely Hawaiians, and our friends in Guam & American Samoa (for real, we sell stuff there, lol.)

But for everyone else in the lower 48, 6 days should be enough time for even the slowest carriers. So grab something for dad that will make him say "WOW! it's not a tie!" (although I do have a special edition "Lois & Clark" neck tie with gift box for sale...). And reclaim the # 1 spot in your father's "sibling rankings" this year. 

Until next time, enjoy a few free photo's of some of this week's hottest new stock, enjoy!