We're Going Hollywood!

Ok, not really, but we did have an oddly high amount of "showbiz" interaction this week.

Most of it actually came on Monday, not only did I hear from 2 movie studios AND a TV network about helping them promote their upcoming pictures / events (much like we did with Civil War), but we also had a movie scout come into the store to check us out as a possible location for a scene in an upcoming movie.

That alone would have been the record in one week for us for "outside" projects, but I also met with a guy that asked us if we'd be interested in working with him on a web series about the day to day here at ACC. 

And to top it all off, we sold a bunch of stuff to a very old customer that we haven't heard from in a while that's a line producer on a major gameshow that films here in Atlanta. 

Coincidence? Probably, but it was certainly an extra bit of fun this week.

Now you may be thinking... "why do I care?" Well... you should care because these studios send us a TON of free stuff to help them promote their movies/events. And yeah, myself and the staff may keep a few things, but what am I going to do with 100 coozies.. GIVE THEM TO YOU! Our loyal followers!

We'll begin randomly slipping in extra bits of swag into our orders starting on Monday as a little extra thank you for your patronage. We've been sent posters, hats, shirts, playing cards, pins, coozies, rally towels, and a BUNCH of free movie tickets.

So while the out of towners may only be able to partake in the swag, if you're in the ATL and want to get on our "free screening invite" list, let me know! 

We have to give these tickets to someone, and tracking down 25-100 friends and family can get a little cumbersome. So we're going to start putting a list together so we can invite you guys to share in the love we're suddenly being shown by the studios.

So watch out! TONS of free stuff is coming your way very soon!