We were contacted last week about helping Animal Planet promote "Monster Week". What does that mean for you? You guessed it! Something free coming down the pike!

This time it's a copy of Jeremy Wade's book "River Monsters: True Stories Of The Ones That Didn't Get Away". Jeremy Wade hosts the show River Monsters on Animal Planet. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. It will suck you in and leave you wondering what happened to that last hour when it's over.

Here's all you have to do, comment below your personal story of the best/worst/biggest/scariest/meanest etc. fish you've caught or fishing experience you've ever had, we'll pick 2 winners and mail the book out to you FOR FREE!

For me, I don't fish a ton, like hardly ever. But about 10 years ago my family caught the wild idea to go down to the beach for Thanksgiving. We had a condo down there at the time and some of our best friends had one too, so we all went down together. The day before Thanksgiving, in a beach town, in November, there's not a ton to do. So we chartered a fishing boat to take us out deep see fishing.

I honestly don't remember catching much, certainly nothing to brag about. But as we started to go in after a few hours, the captain put a couple of lines out behind the boat. This didn't make a ton of sense to me as it seemed that we were going pretty fast back into shore, and I didn't understand how a fish would be able to swim fast enough to keep up with the line that was trailing behind us, but I guess he knew what he was doing as about 10 minutes in we all heard the unmistakable sound of a fishing line WHIZZ-ing out from the reel.

I had one friend on the boat who was immensely stronger than everyone else, like not even close. So he drew the task of reeling in whatever beast lay on the other end of the hook. I'm clearly not an experienced fisherman as I just expected that you just reel, and in it comes, that may be true for something that weighs a couple of pounds or less, but with this thing, my buddy fought if for almost half an hour before he was able to get it in. I'm talking, we had to hold him, give him breaks, craziness.

He finally reeled it close to the boat so we could get a look at it, it turned out to be a 50-ish pound Wahoo, beautiful fish. He even made the newspaper the next week as it was the biggest one caught in the gulf at that time of year in years. 

So there's my super cool fish story (well, my buddy's super cool fish story), let's hear yours! It certainly doesn't have to be as long winded as mine, just post below and we'll post the winner's below sometime this weekend. So check back, and if you win, email us your address and get ready for some free awesome.

And don't forget to checkout "Monster Week" on Animal Planet, starting tomorrow, May 26th!