End Of Week Wrap-Up

We had a bunch of interesting small things happen this week, none of them big enough for their own post, but together I think they form a nice team, like the Power Rangers or the Great Lakes Avengers.

The coolest thing this week was a small collection we bought yesterday. I had a guy drive down from NC to pick something up, turns out he'd found some comics at a yard sale recently, and figured he'd try to move them in the big city.

The books themselves weren't anything to pine on about endlessly, but they weren't junk either. X-Factor 5 6 24, Logans Run 6, X-Men 210 211 212 221 222, and a nice 20 issue run of early Star Wars are the highlights, again, nothing to ignore, but the story of how he found them was much more impressive.

Apparently he was at a yard sale recently, and he saw a box DUN DUN DUN!!!!! This was no ordinary box. It was sealed, think like a small fireproof documents case/safe or something. big enough to fit about 100 comics in it. He asked the seller what was in the box, as it was sealed, and she told him that she didn't know. She said she couldn't open it, and didn't know what had been put in there or how she got it..... How cool is that, lol. I couldn't help myself from doing my best "Christmas Story" dad impression "There could be anything in there!" 

I have to believe that the woman was telling the truth as she only wanted $5 for the box. I guess that's the running price on a sealed box of "I don't know what". Pretty good price I think, lol. The guy had to use power tools to get it open, not sure what power tool as tools honestly aren't really my thing. I know, shocking, the comic book guy isn't a super-handyman... guilty.

So that was cool...

What else, 

We got another invite to help out with a movie premiere in Atlanta in a few weeks, hopefully this will be a thing we can continue to offer you guys, this one is for "Now You See Me 2". I'll provide more deets on free swag and tickets as the date approaches.

As far as new collections go, I've got about 6 boxes of mostly lots I'll be listing this week. Most of the books coming from 2 collections I got on Monday. One of them was from a guy that stopped collecting in 2000, and had just been lugging them around for 16 years. It was about 5 boxes of 90's gold, just kidding. Honestly though it was mostly 90's but it did have a few of the highlights from the 90's. Most of the best stuff (single issue) is listed now in box "J105". The rest of the bulk stuff will be listed by Sunday. Plenty of limited series and 5 and 10 issue runs.

The rest of the stuff came from a lady that had just kind of acquired the books from friends over the past couple of years. She called me early Sunday AM, and of course I didn't answer, but on her voicemail she said the magic words... "Walking Dead" so... I called her back on Sunday morning, mother's day, on the way to church. THAT'S commitment. 

Turns out it was only about 20 TWD issues, but all but 3 were holes in my personal humble run, from about 65-85. So I was able to scoop them aside for the personal stash. She had a bunch of modern hot series, ex. New 52 stuff, uncanny x-force, Brubaker Cap, etc. Same as the last one, all the best (single issues) stuff is listed now in "J105" and the rest of the lots will be up by Sunday. (Pics below of some of the better stuff that's new this week.)

As for our "fish on the line" update. I got a call last Friday from a guy that said he had a TWD # 1 CGC 9.4 for sale. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get up with him, so I'm guessing it's gotten away at this point, but plenty of photo's will follow if I'm able to reel it in (sorry, just had to keep the fishing analogy relevant all the way through.) 

One last weird thing for the week, on Monday, I had two guys come in with about 50 comics, we weren't able to work out a # on the comics, but before they left they pulled out these two passport sized pamphlets and asked if I knew anything about them.

I picked them up and noticed a pretty recognizable emblem on the cover... the Nazi Logo, you know, creepy bird looking hard to the left, with the swastika in the middle. I started to flip through them and I have no idea what they were as all the writing was in German, but they appeared to be some sort of travel document, there were a few stamps in the pamphlets from different places. Sidenote, NO IDEA why these two guys thought that I, a person that sells comic books and toys, at a comic book store, would want to buy two Nazi "passports". But this is my life I guess. 

Honestly, I'm glad they showed them to me as they were insanely cool, but I was totally dumbfounded, just one of those weird things that finds its way into our tiny corner of the world.

That's all I've got this week, this weekend's SALE/code post will follow. 

Have a great weekend everybody!