Here We Grow Again!

We were lucky enough to bring on another true believer to the mighty ACC Helicarrier this week, as we added a new comics expert, Nicholas Wiggins.

Nick has been a comic nut since jaws was a minnow, and will be joining us as daily extra hand prepping our shipment, organizing our backstock, and helping to prepare our issues for sale. He'll also be helping me out with listing things on the site so we can get more of what we have here in the shop, out to you faster. 

I've already learned at least 1 new thing a day from Nick about comics and geekdom in general, so I know he's going to be a welcome addition to our store manager, Mighty Joe, and an asset to our customers with his incredible knowledge of the genre. 

I'm in a good mood thanks to Nick taking a bunch off my plate this week, so let's run a sale! In honor of Nick, let's use promo code "NICK", and take an additional 10% off anything on the store. Just make us an offer on whatever you want at 10% less than asking, with "Nick" in the offer message, and we'll accept.

Have a great weekend everybody!