15 THOUSAND New Cheap Books!

Well the title pretty much says it all on this one. Long story short, we just relisted our entire backstock of issues priced at $2.99 and under. That's over 15 THOUSAND issues! 


In an effort to move these guys quickly, I'll be happy to honor a $1.5 price on ANY book priced at $2.25 or lower. Just offer us the $1.5 in the offer screen with promo code CHEAP and we'll accept. All normal combined shipping rates will apply. 

So instead of going out and hunting through dollar bins all weekend, stay at home in the comfort of your snuggy and get exactly what you need delivered right to your door. 

Send any questions to AtlantaPickers@gmail.com

And you know I'm not going to leave you without a nice slideshow of some books coming to ACC soon... because let's be honest, we're all here for the free photo's!