Cyber Monday Still Going Strong!

There are still about 8 hours left to score some insane deals on some awesome comics for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale. 

To refresh your memory on the details of the sale:

Everything priced at $100 and under is going to be 50% off from now until Tuesday at Midnight (YUP, cyber Monday is included.) 

To get 50% off anything priced less than $100, just enter code "50OFF" in the comments section of eBay's offer screen along with an offer that's 50% less than our current ask, and we'll accept. That's 50% off the lowest published price, so if something is priced at $40, use offer code "50OFF" offer us $20, and we'll accept.

Anything OVER $100 will be 25% off (excluding only event tickets). To get that discount, just enter code "25Off" in the offer comments section, along with an offer that's 25% less than our current asking price, and we'll accept.

We're going to add one more little wrinkle just for kicks. If you spend over $100 today, we're going to ALSO kick in free domestic shipping. Just spend $100 or more, and wait for the invoice with a $0 ship charge (in the US.) 

It just doesn't get any better than this folks!