Flash is Back! Literally... and a Sale!

This weeks Sale Details:

Promo Code is: ZOOM

Just enter "ZOOM" in the comments section of the offer screen along with an offer that is 25% lower than our current ask on anything* in store and we'll accept.

*25% off does not apply to event ticket sales.


Yes, "The Flash" season 3 debuted this week with "Flashpoint" and yes we're excited about that over here at ACC. The episode was fantastic, but it had very little to do with the character "Zoom", which may have you wondering, "why the "zoom" promo code?" Well, I assure you there's a very good reason for that.

As we were all hard at work on Monday afternoon, working tirelessly to get all of your orders shipped out on time after a long weekend of sales, a sudden pounding at our warehouse bay door startled the staff. I wasn't expecting anyone as I don't usually schedule appointments on Mondays due to our higher volume of work. As I approached the door to see who had stopped by, I couldn't really see outside, as we have the cheap blinds that get all messed up as the door opens and closes throughout the day, so all I could make out was a body.

I opened the door and was immediately struck by the person standing in front of me, as it was none other than Jay Garrick, AKA Zoom, AKA The Black Flash himself, Teddy Sears. Yes, he was literally at our store, out of the blue, just dropping by.

After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I welcomed him into our humble establishment and began to show him around. Luckily our "Legion Of Collectors" Jay Garrick Pop was sitting prominently nearby so we were able to quickly establish to Mr. Sears that he had come to the right place.

Rather than announcing him to the 2 "Flash-Nerds" that I normally refer to as our store manager, Joe, & do it all guy, Nick, I just had Teddy walk into the back of the shop so they could experience the shock of "Zoom" just wandering into their workplace.

Their reactions were priceless as expected, Joe, who we all say looks like "The Flash" himself, Grant Gustin (and Teddy agreed), handled it much cooler than our biggest Flash superfan Nick, who we almost had to revive.

Teddy explained that he was just now really getting into comics and was looking for a shop that actually had some older stuff to browse through. Luckily, I had just picked up a collection last week that had Flash # 138-141 in it, the first appearances of the "Black Flash" that Teddy went nuts for. 

Yes, we literally sold the first appearances of "The Black Flash" to "The Black Flash". Check that off the old bucket list, lol. And yes, we gave him a great deal, lol. 

Teddy is actually in town filming the reboot of the fantastic show "24" called "24: Legacy". It premiers this winter on FOX after the Super Bowl, so be sure to check that out.

Teddy hung out for about 45 minutes, talking comics, "The Flash", how they recreated different iconic Flash comic moments like the "Flash of 2 Worlds" shot from last season, etc. And he's honestly the coolest guy. Super down to earth, totally gracious and willing to get some pics with us, sign our pop, and endure a few fanboys geeking out over having him in the shop. 

He actually had to stop by a second time this week to pick up an issue he left behind, so for all you eagle eyes, no, there was no wardrobe change mid-visit. 

He wrote the coolest inscription I could have thought of on our Jay Garrick pop (pic provided below).

We hope he's going to be in town for a while shooting "24" so maybe we'll have some more awesome "afternoon with Zoom" stories to share.

"To ACC: Best darn comic warehouse this side of Earth 2" -Teddy Sears "Jay Garrick"

"To ACC: Best darn comic warehouse this side of Earth 2" -Teddy Sears "Jay Garrick"

Anyway, awesome week, a total blast to meet someone so kind and humble that was totally willing to share about the show and geek out with us over some old comics. We actually busted out a copy of Hulk # 181 we had in the shop and he freaked out just like you and me did the first time we held one, lol. You could totally feel his passion for the characters, show, and history of the flash. We always loved the character, now we know the guy that plays him is also the man.

And no, I didn't forget, here's your 1st look at some of what's coming down the pike this week, less that nice flash run as Mr. Sears has already scooped it. In addition to what's pictured below, we also picked up about 30 boxes of stuff today, one box packed full of nothing but keys. So get ready for some really cool stuff coming your way in the coming weeks.