The People We Buy Books From Are The Best!

This week was a welcome reminder that we only exist because of the good fortune we have to find AWESOME people selling AWESOME stuff. Most attention with an online company like ours gets put on the seller of the goods or the buyer of the goods. But in our case, or any other collectibles re-seller for that matter's case, there's a third party that is absolutely essential to us being able to do what we do. 

Those are the people that call us up at various stages of life for various reasons to sell US their stuff before we sell it to YOU. People sell us stuff for a variety of reasons, they found it in a storage unit, inherited it, found it in an attic, are moving, etc. but for whatever reason they're selling it, it's absolutely essential as the lifeblood of any successful collectibles business. 

This week brought us several unique sellers that I wanted to share a couple of stories about. 

1.) Dave ------ Acquired the books from his brother in law shortly before he passed away.  

Dave got these books less than a week before his brother-in-law sadly passed away unexpectedly. It was unclear to me why Dave got the books, but he'd had them for years just sitting in a couple of old cardboard boxes. Because he needed to purchase a new hearing aid, he figured he'd try to cash in the books for some loot. The books he had were all early to late 70's, mostly DC & Marvel, Horror. Ex. House Of Secrets, Vault Of Evil, Monsters On The Prowl etc. No huge hidden gem or anything, but almost 400 quality mid to high grade bronze age books. 

The super cool thing about Dave was that although he wasn't really a "comic guy" after spending a few minutes in our store and seeing us go through the books and sharing info about them, it was like he was transported back to his childhood telling me all about the books his dad threw out when he went to college. Was there a Showcase 4 in there, or a few Silver Age Marvel # 1's.... who knows. But it's fun to wonder. 

Dave and I had a good laugh when he suddenly saw a Wonder Woman book and proceeded to tell me how much he LOVED the great Linda Carter when he was younger. I believe his line was, "when she would come on the screen, my stomach would seize up."  All I could do was laugh and say, "I'm sure you weren't the only one."

Anyway, Dave was a great guy and had some really cool stuff. 

2.) Bill ------ Used to work in television and collected comics personally, but also acquired comics so he could look into developing them on the small screen. Talk about the coolest job ever. 

Bill is the type of guy that is cooler than the other side of the pillow (RIP, S.S.) but doesn't know it. He's the guy in high school that everyone wanted to be friends with and everybody liked. Bill's life is a series of bucket list adventures playing out that aren't that big of a deal to him, but most nerds would go crazy for.

Here's an example. DC, yes THE DC, sent Bill a COMPLETE New 52 # 1's set back in 2011 just because. Are you kidding me. He put it under his desk and forgot about it for almost 4 years. Want another example? Bill has a mancave. Like a real, secret door entrance, leather chair, rich mahogany book shelf laded, record collection holding, mancave. This guy is the guy you want to be when you grow up. Or at least have his mancave. 

This week was my second time buying from Bill as he's moving and has continued to find stuff to sell us as he's packed more and more for the move. Last time I was able to buy a ton of animation cell's and original art from projects his wife had worked on while she also worked in TV, as well as the bulk of his comics collection. 

This time I was able to get the New 52 set, which I'll probably keep as it's really neat to have ALL the # 1 issues from this era of DC comics. As well as a haul of TPB's/Graphic Novels and some single issues that he decided not to make the move with, and last but not least, an awesome movie poster for a film from 1955 called "Teaserama" with Bettie Page. It used to hang in his mancave.

To recap, this guy received packages directly from DC, has a mancave, and has vintage movie posters with Bettie Page hanging on the walls of I need to continue commenting on how cool this guy is? 

Sadly for the city of Atlanta, we're losing Bill and his awesome wife & family to the mythical land of Portland, OR. As we all know, Portland is the mecca for cool people. I'm sure most of them are faking it, but Bill is the real deal. 

Enough story time. Here are this weeks new additions round up. Everything listed below will be for sale on our ebay store eventually. If it isn't yet, and you want it before we get the time to list it, just get in touch and we can work something out.

  1. Dave's 400 plus bronze age horror issues.
  2. Bill's New 52 issues (not sure if I'll keep them yet) 
  3. "Teaserama" movie poster
  4. Yellow Batman Funko Pop Vinyls were backordered and finally came in.
  5. almost 100 DC & Marvel trades and prestige format issues ex. Arkham Assylum, Spider-Man & Batman, etc.
  6. X-Men # 266, # 129, Hulk # 182, Complete Sonic Run from # 0 - 60 ish, Silver Age Silver Surfer,
  7. 8 new boxes of awesome lots in boxes CH1-Ch8 and BN7 and BN8

This week also allowed me to add 2 awesome issues to my personal stash. Last week I added the first appearance of Groot (see previous post), this week I added the best Copy of FF # 45 (1st Inhumans) I've ever seen, seriously borderline VF, and the rare white cover variant of Ultimate Spider-Man # 1 in beautiful NM + condition. 

Until next time,