Gorilla Grodd is Back on “The Flash” Next Week!


Next week’s episode of The Flash (Tuesdays at 8 pm on your local CW affiliate or catch it on Hulu) promises the return of Gorilla Grodd, everyone’s favorite sinister simian. 

Grodd’s character goes way back to 1959, when he was introduced by John Broome and Carmine Infantino in the pages of Flash #106. Since then Grodd has appeared in nearly 150 separate comic book issues, had more than a dozen incarnations in TV shows and video games, and even got his very own Lego minifigure. While most of Grodd’s various selves hail from the mysterious Gorilla City, a metropolis of super-intelligent, super-strong apes hidden somewhere in Africa, other versions are the result of man’s incessant tampering with the forces of nature. (As opposed to tampering by aliens or radioactive meteors, in the case of Gorilla City.) 

The latest TV version of Grodd seems to rule out the existence of a Gorilla City in that universe (however much fun that might be to see on screen). He is still, however, a super-strong, super-smart, telepathic, mind-controlling gorilla whose powers were of course imbued by that pesky particle accelerator accident that kicked off the whole series. Grodd was last seen escaping from the Flash by throwing himself in front of a moving train, so maybe he took the time between seasons to start a family and get Gorilla City started on his own. 

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