Flash + Arrow = Easter (Egg) Heaven

If you're not watching Flash & Arrow on the CW this year, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! 

This post will have some subtle spoilers, so if you need to go catch up and come back, here's your warning!

Now, for the rest of you that have already cleared the two caped crusaders from your DVR, here we go!

First let me say, Flash & Arrow have given us several Easter Egg's over their first season (flash) & 3 seasons (arrow) respectively. But this year, we're two episodes in and there are egg's everywhere. It started last week on Arrow's Season 4 premiere when there were two not so subtle references to DC's other Emerald Avenger, the Green Lantern. 

Not only does Oliver stand closely to a very well lit Coast City billboard that has a pretty curious slogan on it. 

But we also get a closeup of some guy named "Jordan" wearing a pilot's flight jacket. 

Flash, clearly not wanting to be outdone, dropped several egg's itself in last night's 2nd episode of the season. First we got an in depth explanation of the Multiverse. The terms "Earth 1", "Earth 2", and "infinite earths" were all used. as Dr. Martin Stein attempted to explain to everyone how there could be 2 Flash's as Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick shows up on the scene.

But it didn't end there for Flash. The creative team decided to drop the ultimate easter egg, one that only the truest of fans would catch, when they literally recreated the iconic cover of Flash # 123, the flash of two world's issue. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, as the name of the episode is in fact "flash of two world's", but they didn't have to go all the way to recreate the cover, down to the text, but they did. And that's what makes the age we're living in SO cool.

Flash & Arrow haven't stopped at easter egg's, they've introduced new character after new character, even dropped the Cisco is Vibe egg in last night's episode. Oliver is now known as the "Green Arrow" and Mister Terrific made his debut last night. I could go on, but I don't want to spoil all the fun. Just know this, you need to carve out an hour and a half every week to get these shows on your schedule. AND PAY ATTENTION! Because if you blink, you may miss yet another beautiful golden egg dropped out of nowhere.